Here you can get a quick overview of all the information regarding the convention.
If the text starts with : OLD TEXT - COPIED FROM HORISONT... it most likely contains information that has not been updated for the latest convention.

The doors open at 16 o'clock on Friday the 18th. You are more than welcome to arrive a little sooner in order to assist us in setting up (and grabbing the best spot for your game).

Once the general venue is set up, please feel free to start gaming.

Saturday is the main day of the event and the grand opening will be at 11 o'clock.

Sunday we will start to pack up things around noon and the doors will officially close at 16 o'clock.

You are more than welcome to stay for the clean-up and take part in the Sunday Pizza Dinner.

As last year, Horisont will take place in Tarup Skole in Odense. The venue suits the convention very well and all necessary facilities are within reach...

If you have old miniatures lying around on the attick, in the basement or in one of your bags - and you know you will never actually get around to doing that "grand project requiring the tons of time you just dont have" - then why not try to convert them into cash... for new miniatures!!

You are welcome to bring along miniatures adn sell them at the convention. We will set up a few tables for you to set up the miniatures on.

Do remember that others may want to do the same... so, if your collection is large (lets say, covering more than sq. meter), then please inform us in advance so we can adjust.

It is possible to stay at the venue and sleep. Just book the options in your sign-up and we will reserve the space needed.

You will be accomodated in rooms with a maximum of 10 people sleeping in each, so no large gymnasium halls with 150 snooring nerds...

bring your own sleeping bag, covers and mattress (or floor bedding).

The basic cost for attending Horisont is DKK 105,-. Additional options are available upon registrations. These includes, but are not limited to:
- Overnight stay
- Breakfeast
- Dinners
- joining the coolest kids on the block

A menu entry will be available once the registration is open.

18:00 Convention opens. Set up tables and meet your friends again.
20:00 Offical Welcome by Mr. Spicker
20:03-? GAME ON!

08.00 Wakeup and breakfast
09.30 Breakfast is cleared and the games can commence.
17.00 Survey regarding best presentation is handed out.
20.00 Deadline for turning in the survery papers

08.00 Wakeup and breakfast
Announcing the best presentation
Game on if you like
14:00 Go home!