The Doom Dice Award:

All participants are given a small form to fill out in which they are asked to fill out which games they played and which games visually impressed them the most.
Based on the data we will name the best game of Horisont VII and award it applicably.

Painting Competition: Single miniature
One 28mm miniature on a 50mm or smaller base.

Painting Competition: Wargaming Crew
A group of miniatures that makes a unit/formation/group in a game. No scale restrictions.

To participate in the painting competitions, you have to bring a metal miniature (preferably not Games Workshop) that you will donate to the prize for each entry you make.

Eg. Jonas wants to participate twice in the 28mm category and once in the unit category, so he donates 3 miniatures.

The prize pile will be split among the winners by the judges using a scale.

Entries will be on display during the whole of Saturday and winners announced on Sunday at noon.