Horisont is a convention for gamers and by gamers. This means that every sort of miniatures game is welcome to participate at Horisont as long as it's painted and played on terrain.

The only thing we expect of you is, that you participate with an open mind. That and a desire to try out a lot of different games.

Your greatest responsibility as a participant is to play some games!

What can I bring along?
Unpainted figures are for the painting tables. We will set up a small painting corner, where you can dabble paint all over your old and newly purchased miniatures. Maybe even get some hints and tips from some of the Danish "painting elite". It is suggested to bring along primers, brushes and paints if you wish to make use of this area.

We see painting the figures as one of the key-stones in the hobby and think that this rule will heighten the experience for all participating in the convention. So, to set things in stone: No unpainted miniatures on any gaming tables! We know this may seem a bit harsh, but we think that it will contribute positively to the experience for all of us.