We encourage exhibitors to set up Friday evening at around 18.00 o'clock where the organizers will be present. You will have the opportunity to set up your game tables and shops along with everything else in good time before the convention starts.

Once you're there you might as well get straight to it - don't hold back. After all it's only one weekend so get in to the thick of the "hygge" and chat with fellow exhibitors and organizers as well as play all the games you care to.

A guide book is being made for the exhibitors at Horisont - this can be downloaded from the link below. If this is your first time as an exhibitor at a convention, please read it carefully, as it contains both good ideas and good advice. If you are an experienced veteran, then please take a glance at it and fill out the form for your game and mail it to horisont@brandvagten.dk

Exhibitor guide 101

Info sheet for Horisont Games
Game name

Estimated time per game session

Number of participants per game session: (e.g.: 2-4 players)

Game summary (150 characters): short tagline for your game..

Small introduction to the game: (e.g.: The blah blah forces defend an important installation against attack from
And/or In character intro: (e.g.: I've heard that earth girls are easy, so let's attack the puny humans)

Factions: (e.g.: Vikings, Owlbears, Christians)

Model Types: (e.g.: Infantry/tanks/planes/spaceships etc.)

Rules: (e.g.: Modified version of Crossfire)

Random generator: (e.g.: Dice 1d6/2d6/1d10/cards/other)

Scale: (e.g.: 28mm/15mm/other)

Gameboard: (e.g.: 4x4 foot)

Pictures: Various pictures of previously run games that might inspire people. Also please provide a square image which will be used in the game list. (target size is 150x150 pixels, but it can be bigger)