Food and beverage:
How will I satisfy my hunger?
There will be “grub” each evening nothing fancy but it will be plentiful and it will quench your hunger and it will be cheaper than a pizza, please note that to keep the cost down dinner is ONLY for participants who have preordered when signing up.
If you pass the signup deadline or wish to sample the local cuisine the local pizza place comes with the highest recommendations and is located a few hundred meters away.

But how about my dropping blood sugar?
Don't worry. We at Horisont have taken the average geeks varying metabolism into account. We will set up a kiosk where you can buy beverages and we are looking into getting toast and other stuff there as well.

What if you don't have what I need?
The local supermarket is a few kilometers away, there will be a map at the front door, so stock up on your favorite sweets before gaming all night.

When evening falls, a beer always soothes the thirst...
Yes indeed it does. That's why the kiosk will be selling beer. There will only be sold beer to people over the age of 18 (Danish minimum age) - you might have to show ID if you have a youthful appearance and we expect sober gentleman behaviour from everyone…
In order to do this legally we enlist you in BrandVagten's association, it's included in the price and it is the only time you pay. On a funny sidenote this association donates a large amount to Horisont, it's kinda like you didn't pay to enlist - it just an easy way for us to sell beer at Horisont.

Where can I sleep?
You need to sleep? If the desire to sleep becomes overwhelming, there will be sleeping accommodations provided nearby - even if you are partially passed out with lack of sleep, you should be able to find your bed. Remember to bring sleeping bag and bedroll.
If sleeping with your fellow gamers isn't your cup of thea, the local Hotel and Bed & Breakfast are possible alternatives.

How do I maintain the geeks legendary hygiene?
Hopefully not... There are bathing facilities at the premisses that can be used by all attending the convention.

Further Information
Is there anything else I should know?
The law of the land still applies during Horisont. And since we're all gathered together, we feel that it is necessary to remind everyone that we're here to kick back and relax - and that we keep such a vibe going throughout the convention.