The concept for Horisont (transl. Horizon) has been a miniatures convention, as we know it from other countries (other than Denmark that is...). The idea is not to play in a tournament but rather to try out all sorts of "alternative" games during the convention. Our hope is that this will spread the enthusiasm for the smaller games in Denmark (and abroad), so that all of our miniature experiences can be broadened - hence the name "Horizon".
The convention is based on voluntary work; both from the organizers and from all the exhibitors we hope will come.

We see this as a centre for bringing together those of us who wish to play more than just the set tournament games; those of us who fiddle with strange Victorian Deathmachines in our basements and to meet all the others who frequent and other fora around the internet. Although focus is on the smaller games, the well-established games are also more than welcome by showing alternative scenarios deviating from the standard tournament.

Horisont is the opportunity to see what lies around the corner and what people are working on at home in the clubs, living rooms and where else we spread our enthusiasm for our hobby (to the joy or dismay of those around us). You can expect two days filled with miniatures af all kinds along with the opportunity to meet and socialize with others who share your passion.

It is especially recommended for clubs to attend. They can come and show off some of the things they have to offer, and to show a bit off in front of other clubs - a little friendly rivalry never hurt anyone after all.

Even though focus is the Demo- and Show-games we wish to have "hygge" firmly in the spotlight. If you wish, you are more than welcome to bring along your own (painted) miniatures and finally get that old grudge-match settled in the free games area. Another option is to bring along some of your not-so-painted miniatures and take use of the attending painting pro's.

In the end it is our vision to make Horisont a yearly event which we all can look forward to.

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