Game stats

A Dwarven relief force rushes to the aid of a besieged Rohan settlement

Convention : Horisont VIII - 2016
Rules : 
Presenter :  Niels Christian Kragh
Estimated Time : 2-3 hours
Participants : 2-4 - ideally 4
Factions : Dunlendings (Vikings), Rohirrim, Uruk-Hai, Dwarves
Model types : Infantry
Random Generator : D10+D6
Scale : Skirmish
Game board : 6'x4'


Dunlendings and Uruk-Hai roam the lands of men at will, and the local Thegn has hired a travelling band of Dwarves to evacuate as many civilians from the outlying settlements as possible. They have just located the first settlement, but something is amiss! Two raiding bands of invaders have also found the hamlet, and fighting has broken out between the defending Rohirrim warriors and the attackers. Will the relief force reach the villagers in time to save thm from slavery and death?