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This is a fierce struggle between Hobgoblin slavers and marauding humans on windswept plains

Convention : Horisont VIII - 2016
Rules : Oldhammer. Warhammer Fantasy Battle 2.ed
Presenter :  Martin & Claus
Estimated Time : ca. 4 hours
Participants : 4
Factions : Grim humans and murderously starved humanoids
Model types : Infantry
Random Generator : D6
Scale : Skirmish/small units
Game board : 


In 1985 a little scenario entitled “The Dolgan Raider” was published by D. P. O’Conner in the second Citadel Journal. The game revolves around the fierce tribe of Dolgans attacking a Hobgoblin caravan, loaded with plundered and bartered riches from the Mountains of Mourn, on its way to fabled Cathay. On this year’s Horisont Con we give you the chance to play this vintage piece of oldhammery and participate in the bloodthirsty struggle for wealth and survival in the eastern wastelands where unruly winds whisper constant songs of death and glory.

Loyal to the original scenario but with a few twists we let loose the competing factions of savage humans and greedy humanoids. So follow the trail of black smoke to the wastelands of the East where ancient bones are moldering beneath the stiff grass and circling vultures dot the sky like daytime stars.