Game stats

Head Rush is a fast paced first person shooter action game

Convention : Horisont VII - 2015
Rules : Head Rush Beta from Two Knight Publishing
Presenter :  Torben Kastbjerg & Claus Paludan
Estimated Time : 1-2 hours
Participants : 2-12
Factions : Noobs & Leets
Model types : First Person Shooters
Random Generator : D6's and Cards
Scale : 28mm
Game board : 3' by 3'-ish


This is basically a bit of a partygame designed for conventions. The idea is that you play on two teams that are out to either just kill 'em all (Team Deathmatch), claim the high ground (King of the Hill) or take back what's yours (Capture the Flag).

Players will be divided into two teams (Red and Blue) and will then duke it out on a map, using no more than 6 miniatures per side; miniatures will be provided but you're more than welcome to bring your own 28mm sci-fi/modern model along for the game.

It is easy to learn and you can drop in and out as you see fit during the game. Each match will last the shortest time possible and will simulate the frantic and fast paced action of first person shooter games that we all know and love from PC-gaming.