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Combat Deep Ones as they try to take over the world

Convention : Horisont VII - 2015
Rules : USX
Presenter :  Jonas Frickmann
Estimated Time : 2-4
Participants : 2
Factions : Deep Ones, SWAT
Model types : 
Random Generator : 
Scale : 28mm
Game board : 6'x4'


Modern Day Heroes uses an alternating turn initiative system with players dicing off to see who moves first. They also use a speed rating for each figure so it breaks up that one side moves first, second side dies system that is common among some game types.
Combat is broken down into Ranged attacks and Melee. Each figure has weapons that are rated for fire power. Each figure also has a Ranged Attack Class and a Melee Attack Class. You compare the level of Ranged Attack Class against the target figures Defence Class to generate a score required to hit on the number of dice that the weapon has. It is fairly easy and not cumbersome once the basics are learned.
There are rules for multiple types of ranged weapons with multiple firing capabilities. Missiles, gernades, autofire and sniper fire are all handled capably.
Morale and a special section on Horror rules are also available for players who wish to use those rules.

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