Game stats

Black Powder combat

Convention : Horisont VII - 2015
Rules : Blackpowder
Presenter :  Stephen Bennett
Estimated Time : 2-4 timer
Participants : 4-8
Factions : French and Allied
Model types : Perry & Elite miniatures
Random Generator : d6
Scale : 28mm
Game board : 6'x12'


‘The strength of an army, like the power in mechanics is estimated by multiplying the mass by the rapidity; a rapid march augments the morale of an army, and increases its means of victory. Press on!’
- Napoleon

Black Powder has been credited as reenergising Napoleonic gaming, freeing players from a mass of slumber inducing tables, and introducing a degree of uncertainty. Now’s your chance to give them a try by taking a brigade of troops under command as two army corps confront each other across the table.