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Swashbuckling street fighters are all after the same man. It's up to you whether he hangs, escapes o

Convention : Horisont VI - 2014
Rules : DreadStreets, 2nd beta ed.
Presenter :  Rasmus Wichmann
Estimated Time : 2 hours
Participants : 2-4
Factions : Pirates, musketeers and FREAKS
Model types : Infantry
Random Generator : 4d6
Scale : 25-28mm
Game board : 3'x3'


DreadStreets is a game about swashbuckling combat
encounters in a low fantasy urban environment. As one of
the mysterious Directors your Goal is to guide a Gang of Heroes.
Their main concern in this world is to “show off” and – and then
head to the Inn and brag about their epic triumphs and scars.

Dice_pg 0Direct your Gang of 5 Heroes and use them to perform
all kinds of daring Stunts. Find ways to make your Heroes cooperate, to optimize their performances, keep your Gang on the offensive to avoid loosing the game, and to improvise solutions according to the outcome of your die rolls.

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