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What seems like another bloody good game by Jonas

Convention : Horisont VI - 2014
Rules : Unknown
Presenter :  Sadomator (Jonas)
Estimated Time : 
Participants : 
Factions : 
Model types : 
Random Generator : 
Scale : 28mm
Game board : 


+++ Incoming Transmission +++

An unauothorized cloning facility has been detected on a death world in a remote corner of the Horisont VI sector.

The cloning facility seems to have been set up in an abandoned power-station of an unknown, but technological advanced, origin.

The power-station must be secured and the cloning facility shut down.

Currently the sector is surrounded by a veil of powerful warp-storms and any traffic in and out of it is impossible.

At the moment Inquisitor Gar is already present in the Horisont VI sector and as such has been sent to investigate. He has been given the aid from a detachment of space marines of the Blood Angels chapter, who was also already in the sector.

Armed forces have been spotted at the facility and it is suspected that they are led by a renegade group of scientist known as The Phagon.

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+++ End Transmission +++

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