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Dystopia Wars is a steampunk miniature game from Spartan Games, involving both land, sea and air uni

Convention : Horisont V - 2013
Rules : Dystopian Wars Version 1.1
Presenter :  Bjarne Sinkj√¶r
Estimated Time : 2h
Participants : 2-4
Factions : Brittain, Prussia
Model types : Land- and airships
Random Generator : d6
Scale : 1:1200
Game board : 6'x8'


Imagine that the year is 1870. Imagine that the mechanical dreams of Wells, Verne and Babbage became true. The Industrial Revolution occurred decades earlier than in our world. Massive land forts, bristling with guns, slowly pushes and shoves through the landscape. In the sky, airships stately glides through the clouds, ready to let a deadly rain of bullets and bombs fall on the enemy. At the sea ironclads plow through the waves.

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