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Multiple objectives, and motion during combat and between the levels on the gameboard to inspire a s

Convention : Horisont V - 2013
Rules : 2-4-6 system
Presenter :  Rasmus Wichmann.
Estimated Time : 2½ hours
Participants : 2-3 participants.
Factions : Various Street Gangs
Model types : Infantry models
Random Generator : 8d6
Scale : 28mm
Game board : 3X3 Foot


“Seems like that old treasure map wasn’t that unique after all Arch-mayor,” the Sheriff pointed out with a toothless grin.
He was right; members of at least one other Faction was already digging after treasure among the fresh ruins of this neighborhood.
The Arch-mayor replied his Sheriff with a loud cry for the whole gang to hear:
“Noble heroes of the Printing Press Gang - get ready to flash your skills and paint your weapons red in the blood of our enemies!”

The Factions are all various Street Gangs from a low fantasy medieval/early industrial Cityscape inhabited by the antiheroes and scumbags who (at least according to Martin Scorsese) are the true founders of civilisation.

Type of Models: The models are purely infantry models. If you want to bring your own models for the game, you can check the rules on model requirements on our block and be sure to read this post Choosing miniatures for your Arch-Types

System: We are currently play-testing our own system called the 2-4-6 system. It has been playtested on various Con’s in the Copenhagen area, but we still need all the feedback we can get, in order to lead the system to perfection. The rules can easily be learned on the spot.

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