Game stats

World War 2 skirmish

Convention : Horisont V - 2013
Rules : Chain of Command
Presenter :  Jakob Spicker
Estimated Time : 1½-2 hours
Participants : 2
Factions : Germans vs ??
Model types : 15mm WWII miniatures
Random Generator : 
Scale : 15mm
Game board : 6' x 4'


This will be a small game introducint the partipants to the new game "Chain of Command" by the Too Fat Lardies company. The game evolves around the reinforced platoon keeping the PBI as the main focus, although armoured battles are quite possible as well with only a few slight modifications.

The game features an innovative set-up phase, where both players actively tries to gain the advantidge in deployment zones. A small game within the game settles where each player is allowed to deploy from.
Turn-activation is semi-random with a dice roll telling the players which types of units they are allowed to activate but the players decide freely how to activate those units and in which order to do it.

The game has a slight narrative feel to it, allowing players to "do anything" they could imagine the small soldiers actually doing on the field - provided the player retains the necessary control to order the men to carry it out.