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Non-scheduled game of various kinds

Convention : Horisont V - 2013
Rules : Various
Presenter :  You!
Estimated Time : 
Participants : 2-20
Factions : 
Model types : Any (as long as they are painted)
Random Generator : 
Scale : 
Game board : 


Horisont also offers a little something in the Board Games section as well as tables for "Bring'n'nBattle".

On Horisont we also want to encourage you to come along and have some of your old grudges settled. We will therefor provide a table with various terrain set up for Bring'n'Battle. You are of course also welcome to bring along your own terrain if you have something you find more suitable. Our only rule is, that all miniatures used for gaming at Horisont have to be painted.

Board games are also more than welcome at Horisont. Bring along your favorite board games and share the fun with other participants or join in on a game in order to recharge your batteries for the next exiting miniatures wargame.

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