Game stats

Manga Skirmish

Convention : Horisont V - 2013
Rules :  infiNity ruleset by Corvus Belli
Presenter :  Charno
Estimated Time : 1-2h
Participants : 2-4
Factions : Mostly Human but some Alien too.
Model types : Primarily infantry with plenty of options for droids/remotes and T.A.G.s (Mechs).
Random Generator : d20
Scale : 28 mm
Game board : 4'x4' up to 4'x6' for multiplayer games.


Infinity is a skirmish game with 28mm metal miniatures that simulates combat and special operations in a science fiction environment with Manga aesthetics.

The rules are by Corvus Belli (free download from website). The game uses a Active/Reactive player system with generated orders.

Factions: A number of Human factions drawn and developed from present-day earth, each with their own mix of specialities (hi-tech, bio-engineering, stealth, MECHs, assault, androids, etc.). Also some Alien factions with various unique skills.

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