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Convention : Horisont III - 2011
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Suncktersville County, 1936. Just another sleepy place in the deep south of the United States. The time after the Great Depression and the fall of the British Empire. Well, sleepy if it wasn't for the Volkswagen factory giving thousands of workers the opportunity to buy their own Beetle. Or Area 15, home of the presidents pretorians and all the secrets they guard. Or the cells of russian communists and german nazis in their attempts to take over a house almost divided between progressives and conservatives; both sides arming themselves for the final conflict.

Gwan, (the Game Without a Name), is a homemade skirmish level game with 1:72 plastic figures. The rules are meant to be fast and fun, giving the players lots of opportunities to tell stories of great deeds and mighty failures.

Part of Game Designers Challenge 2011.