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Everything you would ever expect from a Super fight in Røvede

Convention : Horisont V - 2013
Rules : Supersystem III
Presenter :  Mikkel BV
Estimated Time : 2h
Participants : 4
Factions : Supers, Super Baddies
Model types : 28mm infantry
Random Generator : d6
Scale : 28mm
Game board : 4'x4'


In the fair city of Røvede the dust never settles. At least not for long as dinosaurs, 50ft people, zombies, renegade police, spiders from mars and a host of Super Bad guys (only bested in mayhem by the selfproclaimed super good guys) wreak through the city every now and so often.

In Super Showdown you take on the role of a set of supers or super baddies and fight it out in the streets of Downtown Røvede.

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