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Figure scale: 20mm Players: room for 2 – 5 players

Convention : Horisont IV - 2012
Rules : Rapid Fire II
Presenter :  Stephen Bennett
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Normandy, France, July 1944
While 129 th Brigade’s advance on to Hill 112 was checked on the German ‘stop line’, 130 Brigade, who had already taken the German forward positions at Chateau de Fontaine and Etterville, were launched into the depths of the enemy defences. Their objective was Maltot and the woods on the ridge to the south of the village. The plan was that with Maltot taken, the British tanks would then advance to the River Orne crossings and the open ‘tank country’ beyond.

Rapid Fire 2, a brigade level set of fast play rules designed for friendly rather than competitive play.

The scale is 20mm. Miniatures mainly from Britannia with buildings by Sentry and Colin Rumford.

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