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Convention : Horisont II - 2010
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Presenter :  Unknown presenter
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In 856 CE the brave Viking Taoregorn and his men set sail for the promised land of England where much possible looting and pillaging was to be found.

The seas were roaring and the long ship was writhing itself through the waves.

Suddenly a strange purple cloud seemed to cover the horizon. Taoregorn stared in disbelief and his men disbelievingly stared at him.
An epic scene of staring!

An unknown amount of time-intervals later Taoregorn woke up soaked by water on the shore of some unknown island.

Spread on the shore lay the wreck of his long-ship and many of his men. They were slowly beginning to wake up.

His first instinct was to search for his battleaxe... his next was to venture into the land leading his men! There was looting and pillaging to be done!

Be a Viking and:

Defeat the Owlbears

Smash the Roman Army

And destroy the Lilliput Nation!

All this can be yours in "Vikings vs. Owlbears"

Below are WIP and test-game shots...

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