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28mm Skirmish sci-fi gaming

Convention : Horisont IV - 2012
Rules : Crimson Dust
Presenter :  Duncan Thompson
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Crimson Dust is a sci-fi skirmish game focusing on small scale skirmishes, with between a single figure and perhaps 15 miniatures to each side. It uses an unusual system of mutliple D6 rolls to establish the results of shooting moving, and a wide variety of other tasks. Its also a turnless game with players activating models or using a leader groups of models in sequence, being turnless means you can keep activating the same model whilst your opponent for example activates all of their models, as opposed to variations of 'I go - you go'.
The rules contain full rules for combat including pyschic powers and Hackers and a whole host of sci-fi technology.
Though not a fully published ruleset yet, it is in the playtesting stages. More details of the game and scenario to be played will come later, but you’re welcome to follow the creation of the gaming for Horizont on the blog on the website.

The sun sets on the dead and dying casting a crimson glow to the scene.
The victors pick their way through the carnage, the odd shot here and there giving the last rites rites of the fallen soldier.
The sun finally sets, Crimson Dusk has gone...

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