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WW1 Air Combat in actual 3d!

Convention : Horisont IV - 2012
Rules : In Clouds of Glory
Presenter :  Svend Gimle
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This year we are very happy to present a demo of the the newly released WWI air combat game "In Clouds of Glory". The rules have been over 15 years underway and will be presented here for the first time in this new and totally revised (and very thoroughly tested) version.

The game uses 1/350 scale 3D printed miniatures aircraft and uses a unique way of representing the attitude, altitude and energy of the aircraft in a both simple and realistic manner.
In this game speed and altitude is life, but every maneuver needed to get on the tail of the enemy drains energy. At the same time the players will have to weight the need to make aerobatic maneuvers with the ability of the pilot and will have to ask themselves: 'Will I gain enough tactical advantage by making this maneuver held against the risk of stalling the plane?'

We will run two parallel historically inspired scenarios on saturday, with different starting times.

The games will be run by the designers Thomas Greve and Svend 'Gimle' Larsen

Read more about ICOG (and download full rules, scenarios and more) here:

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