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Convention : Horisont IV - 2012
Rules : Skulldred 3.3
Presenter :  Judge Duncan Thompson
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Participants : 0
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This year we will attempt a small happening Friday evening.

It's a challenge for you to build and paint a 300 pts Skulldred warband.

It wont be a tournement, rather you will just walk around and pick fights as you please for 3 hours Friday evening.

There will be rules lawyers, terrain and soft drinks on site to accommodate you during the event, so if you don't know the game it's not a problem.

All you have to do is just paint somewhere between 5 and 10 fantasy miniatures.

The best painted warband and the best build (not rules wise but fluff/story wise) will be awarded a small something.

Read more about Skulldred here: Dave King's SKULLDRED

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