You can experience all these 24 great games this year.

Judge Duncan Thompson

Skulldred 3.3
Fantasy Adventure Gaming

Steamship Troopers: Arachnid Dawn
Thorbjørn Nielsen

Starship Troopers 1889

Crimson Dust
Duncan Thompson

Crimson Dust
28mm Skirmish sci-fi gaming

Attack on Hamma Burg
Frank Bauer

SAGA Viking game!

Thorbjørn Nielsen

Swashbuckling in The Age of Kings

The Pardulon Game
Jens Beckmann

Lusciously detailed terrain game!

Fireteam Andromeda
Torben Kastbjerg

15mm platoon level sci-fi action

Strange Aeons
Jakob Spicker

28mm HP Lovecraftian detective business

Songs of Blades and Heroes
Claus Paludan

Casual SoBH games

Battle of Heilsberg 10 June 1807
Unknown presenter

From Valmy to Waterloo

Check Your Six; B17 Raids
Unknown presenter

Check you Six

Battlegroup Kursk Introduction
Wolf Terrain

Battlegroup Kursk
An introduction to Battlegroup Kursk

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
Unknown presenter

X-Wing Miniatures Game